About Me

I thought I'd use this space to provide a public profile, or parsed resume, for anyone who may want to consider it. I will adapt it over time, of course.

I hold a PhD in US politics, foreign policy and China policy, with a particular interest in the US media, domestic political institutions and the nexus at which they meet. I was born in Bangkok, have lived in 12 countries, and have a rather cosmopolitan outlook on life. I am actively looking to start a career at the moment, having only recently finished at university.

My preferred jobs would involve politics, the media and publishing (of all kinds). Ultimately, I would like to live and work in the United States.
  • Politics: I would love a job that involved political journalism and analysis - I'm not sure if, as a British citizen, I would be able to get a job in American government (more's the pity), but a job that is directly connected with American government and politics would be fantastic.
  • Publishing: It's not secret that I'm an avid (some might say obsessive) reader. Of late, my reading has leaned predominantly towards fiction, but that's because I needed to clear my head after finishing the PhD. A career in publishing would be amazing (especially in an editorial department), helping to discover, nurture and promote new talent - although, because I have gone the academic route, I recognise that I would need to start at the very bottom, in order to acquire hands-on, working experience of the industry.
  • Writing: As mentioned above, my ideal career would allow me to work in both politics and publishing, as well as writing - both journalism and fiction. My passion for fiction should be apparent from Civilian Reader.

While I have been casting my net extremely broadly with job applications (from internships to assistant professorships), I have not yet found a job that would allow me to work in or around all of my passions. This is, really, to be expected, but I hope to ultimately be able to work across the industries that are of interest to me.

  • Durham University (January 2007-July 2011) PhD in Domestic US Politics, Foreign Policy & China Policy
  • Cardiff University (October 2005-September 2006): Masters in International Journalism
  • Durham University (October 2001 – July 2005): East Asian Studies
  • Kumamoto University, Kyushu, Japan (October 2002 – July 2003)
  • Marlborough College (1996-2001; A levels in German, History, Geography, General Studies; 12 GCSEs); Port Regis School (1990–1996); previous schooling in Germany, Spain and Colombia.

Recent Employment History:
Teaching Assistant, School of Government & International Affairs, Durham University for 1st Year Undergrads (2008-2009: Introduction to International Relations Theory; 2009-2010: Theory & History of International Relations)

  • Fiction Review Site, “Civilian-Reader”: http://civilian-reader.blogspot.com
  • Non-Fiction Review Site, “The Politics Reader”: http://civilian-reader2.blogspot.com
  • Coordinator for Ustinov College “Cafe Politique” Political Seminar Series
  • Part of organisation & coordination team for Durham University’s Centre for Chinese Studies’s “China at 60”
  • Editorial Staff Member, The Ustinovian – Postgraduate Newsletter, Durham University (2007-2011)
  • “MWRI” – Editor and writer for this, a music magazine http://mwrimagazine.blogspot.com (2004-2008)
  • Ustinov College Graduate Common Room Treasurer (2009-2010)

  • Book Review: “China Rising by David Kang” (East Asia: An International Quarterly, Vol.26 #2, June 2009), pp.163-166
  • Currently preparing chapters on US Media, Foreign Policy & China and also US Media & The  Legacy of Tiananmen Square for submission